Procurement/Sourcing Services

Our highly qualified procurement division is here to serve the needs and wants of you, our customers. We service our customers by sourcing products, services, or materials to cater to their needs. In particular we deal with various government and larger private sector company, mainly through tenders. We facilitate by procuring all external needs for the costumer and provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to finding products that meet the needs of the purchaser, in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location.
Deryck A. Gibson Ltd., has specifically dealt with procuring pylons for major construction projects, gabion baskets, bridges, piping and fitting for all types of projects. We work with engineers, contractors and project developers to determine the most effect and specific to your needs procurement process.
In past and present projects we have worked with suppliers like Biwater, a water treatment and channeling company; Diehl, a multinational company that deals with a variety of technically innovative products, various gabion manufactures, various pylon providers and many more.

Procurement Services

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