Construction Work Accommodation

It is often important to make big preparations when you have a big construction project near a busy airport. One should always make concrete plans to ensure that workers are not hindered from reaching sites on time, especially when working with tight deadlines. This way, it's possible to resume projects early in the morning and work till late in the evening. More so, a lot can get done during the hours one would spend travelling through heavy traffic. Imagine your workers having to spend a significant part of the day on a one-way commute to the construction site. They would probably arrive at the job sites feeling tired with much energy expended on such avoidable transits. 

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I remember this one time when I had a conversation with my uncle who had just received news from his company. He had been appointed to lead a major renovation project near one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. He looked forward to the execution of the project with so much excitement, and couldn't wait to jump right in. However, he had received a phone call from one of the labourers who were concerned about his impending travels to the project site. For some reasons, he didn't hear much of the conversation except when he mentioned "accommodation gatwick airport". My uncle said the phrase rang in his ears all day as he pondered on what "accommodation gatwick airport" meant.

Being an experienced foreman, he later figured out that the employee was trying to bring to his attention the need for accommodation near the Gatwick airport, where the renovation would take place for a few weeks. This was when my uncle reached out to me. I happened to work for a major hotel reservation company and had previously advised him on the best rates that were available in the industry. He trusted my expertise and knew quite well that I had the contacts that could help him to get the best-suited accommodation for his workers. Moreover, he wouldn't be paying for my services as he was my favourite.

Interestingly, I reached out to a couple of short-rental units which happened to be right around the corner from the Gatwick airport. He would end up spending a few hundred Pounds Sterling, but he was guaranteed to get the best out of his employees who wouldn't have to commute long distance daily. Of course, the project was completed in record time and the clients were pleased with the quality of the job done by my uncle's company.